Samer Skooti

President & CEO

Samer Skooti founded Markez to increase private sector development and reform strategy in Iraq, and to improve the ROI of foreign investments. The work of Markez grew to include consulting and mission support, biometrics, and program management, directly impacting millions of Iraqis on a daily basis and playing a role in the rebuilding of the country.

Skooti has a deep understanding of the Iraqi decision-making processes and has strong relationships at the highest levels of the Iraqi government and its private sector. He has held various advisory positions to senior Iraqi political leaders, providing capacity building strategies and working to strengthen democratic institutions in the country. 

Previoiusly Skooti served as senior manager and acting governance team director at the U.S. National Democratic Institute (NDI), where the Iraqi government entrusted him to represent their interests as he advised the leadership of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. In this role, Skooti was instrumental in promoting structural reforms, strategizing for potential negotiations, and instituting capacity-building programs. He has also served as Program Manager, and worked as U.S. Embassy Liaison at the Research Triangle Institute International (RTI), providing research and technical services to Iraqi authorities and businesses. In addition, Skooti served as advisor and interpreter to the 82nd Airborne Command in charge of Southern Baghdad.

Skooti holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Baghdad. He has lived in Iraq, Wales, and the United States, and holds both Iraqi and American citizenship.

Key Experience

President & CEO, Markez, Inc.
National Democratic Institute (NDI)
Co-founder and Business Development VP, SOFE Construction

Skill Set

Executive Leadership

Strategic Business Planning


Program Management

Contract Management

Government Consulting

Construction Management