Mark Crego

Advisor, Identity, Technology, and Security

Mark Crego is an internationally recognized identity management architect and biometric expert with Identity Strategy Partners. He serves as the technical expert for Markez. He spent 18 years at Accenture, where he was Master Technology Architect, Partner, and the global Managing Director of Unique Identity Services, with responsibility over $160 million in annual turnover and a community of practice of over 800 people. Crego’s leadership in identity solutions includes leading Accenture’s Biometric Services supporting the Unique Identification Authority of India’s Aadhaar program, biometrically enrolling over 300 million residents of India.

He was the Chief Architect of the DHS US-VISIT program for five years; developing the Identity Strategy for creating the worlds’ first biometric entry system at US borders, responsible for biometrically enrolling over 190 million people. He lead the Unique Identity Services offerings in support of the European Union (70 million EU-VIS/EU-BMS participants), the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Educational Testing Service, and several other biometric programs around the world.

Crego also provided the strategic architecture for the 2010 Census, led the establishment of customer ID for the United States Postal Service, laid out the architecture strategy for DHS-FBI biometric interoperability, provided the acquisition strategy and due-diligence for three major acquisitions in the biometrics industry, and has regularly advised the European Union and Middle-Eastern Persian Gulf states on identity strategy and intelligence.

Key Experience

Global Managing Director of Unique Identity Services (18 years)
Key architect of India's Aadhaar System
Chief Architect DHS US-VISIT (5 years)
European Union's ID Services

Key Skills

Creating and executing strategic, operational outcomes across the biometric, identity, banking and borders portfolios at a subject matter expert level
Advising corporate management on identity policy and organizational structure for successful identity and biometric system implementations