Janice Kephart

Policy Advisor, Identity, Borders and Government Relations

Janice Kephart is internationally recognized as an expert in identity, biometrics and borders with Identity Strategy Partners. She serves as policy and government relations advisor for Markez and is a recipient of the 2015 Women in Biometrics Award. She is a former 9/11 Commission counsel responsible for many of the terrorist travel recommendations in the 9/11 Final Report and attending Terrorist Travel monograph. Kephart served as a strategic advisor to the DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy where she supported implementation and stakeholder engagement of the 9/11 Commission border recommendations she had coauthored, including those pertaining to terrorist travel, border management, biometrics and identity assurance. More recently, she served as the Homeland Security Director for MorphoTrak (now Idemia) and was responsible for developing and presenting border management concepts that are in operation today.

Kephart is responsible for buzz phrases such as “terrorist travel” and “assuring people are who they say they are” and recommendations including biometric verification of identity and minimum standards for breeder documents, as well as passport requirements for all persons entering the U.S. Her ability to bridge technical advancements with law and policy have resulted in requests to testify before Congress 19 times, as an independent thought leader and policy driver that include biometric exit, passport and driver license security, biometric border solutions, and visa requirements.

Kephart was invited to speak before the United Nations National Security Council on terrorist travel in her role as Americas Director for BORDERPOL, has served twice on the Senate Judiciary Committee as Terrorism and Technology counsel and as a 2013 Immigration Reform Special Counsel. She was formerly founder/CEO of a leading trade organization, the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA). She spent five years as national security director at a DC think tank and developed/hosted digital homeland security radio show. Kephart is a recognized expert and has appeared numerous times in international media.

Key Experience

Former 9/11 Commission Counsel Responsible for many of the terrorist travel recommendations in the 9/11 Final Report and the drafting of the attending Terrorist Travel monograph
Homeland Security Director for Idemia (formerly Morpho)
Strategic Advisor to the DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy
Founder of the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association, Special Counsel US Senate Judiciary Committee
Americas Director for BORDERPOL
Recipient of the 2015 Women in Biometrics Award (One of five women from over 50 nominated in September 2015).

Key Skills

Driving strategic, operational outcomes at a national level across the biometric, identity, and borders portfolios at a subject matter expert level
Developing borders concepts of operation
Devising and executing international government relations strategies