Christian Reed

Vice President, International Programs

 Christian joined Markez in 2017 and serves as VP for International Programs, managing projects for clients in Iraq and developing new business partners. Christian has spent 32 years in international business, including 26 years with the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, where he enthusiastically promoted American exports and helped U.S. companies achieve commercial success in overseas markets. He capstoned his career with the Commerce Department as Executive Director for Middle East/Africa, leading 150 trade professionals in Washington headquarters and in 27 offices throughout the region. 

Working in and on the Middle East for 13 years, Christian always enjoyed the challenge of assisting U.S. companies succeed in this difficult part of the world. For example, he led his Embassy team to stage the second USA Pavilion at the 2012 Baghdad International Fair, which attracted 20 American exhibitors and generated over $2 million in off-the-floor vehicle sales, and to help facilitate over $295 million in U.S. exports to Iraq. 

Christian’s additional diplomatic assignments included the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Denmark, and Germany. He came to the U.S. Government with ten years of professional experience, including three years teaching English at a German university and at a Saudi post-graduate institution. In addition, he worked in the travel sector, for KD German Rhine Line and for Austrian Airlines.

Originally from Los Angeles, Christian studied at the University of Texas at Austin and at Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet in Freiburg, Germany. He holds a BA in German, an MA in teaching English as a foreign language, and an MBA in international business. He and his wife, Elizabeth Eisenman Reed, a psychotherapist, have two sons in college.

Key Experience

Program Management
Executive Director for Middle East/Africa at Commerce, managed a team of 150 Foreign Service Officers, local staff, and civil servants located in 27 offices throughout 20 countries, including HQ in Washington, DC
Major Event Management
Led efforts to create and expand USA Pavilions at major trade shows in the Middle East, including Baghdad International Fair and Arab Health (Dubai), the largest commercial exhibition in the region.
Creating Business Organizations
Spearheaded Embassy efforts to create the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, in 1999.
Advising Senior Leadership
Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director General, helped shape the newly-consolidated U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, an organization of 1,600 employees, as it navigated a difficult change management process.
Led fund-raising for Embassy July 4 celebrations, collecting $120,000 per year from U.S. companies doing business in Canada.

Skill Set

Client Service
Client-Relationship Development
Teamwork Development