Biometric Enabled Electronic Payment System

Markez partners with International Smart Card (ISC), to increase its multi-biometric verification payment system to answer market demand for additional security around the world. As a result of this partnership, over 6.5 million Iraqis are already finding financial security today.

International Smart Card (ISC) is Iraq’s market leader in providing unique electronic payment solutions, specifically through its flagship product, Qi Card (pronounced “key card”). The solution employs a multi-modal end-to-end biometrically enabled payment system (BEEPS) to Iraqi residents, salaried government employees, refugees, pensioners, and welfare recipients through Iraq’s two largest state owned banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, as well as 12 privately owned Iraqi banks.

Each ISC Qi Card stores digital images of ten fingerprints, two irises, and a face, as well as a mobile phone number, and images of three paper identity documents. Qi Card data is stored on a chip, the key to enabling financial transactions while preventing identity fraud.

Transactions are verified at the point of service with a fingerprint reader that links directly with the Qi smart chip, eliminating infrastructure and communication challenges. Transactions are conducted at over 7,000 national POS centers. All financial transactions are recorded electronically.