Markez, Inc.

Founded in 2009 by chief executive officer Samer Skooti, Markez has become the driver of international collaboration and a producer of unprecedented results in one of the most challenging landscapes in the world. A US-Iraqi company with offices in both Baghdad and Washington, D.C., Markez delivers life-changing solutions in the Middle East by leveraging local protocols and stimulating commerce and stability.

Markez combines unparalleled experience on the ground and access to public and private decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing organizations—both domestic and international. Markez navigates separate worlds by working with partners and clients who value trust, ethics, and performance—and the fact that success in some parts of the world is a life or death proposition for many ordinary citizens.

It’s not just a job…


Skooti, as the leader of Markez, has experience in two worlds. Born in Iraq, his family relocated to Wales and ultimately to the United States. Later Skooti would become a US citizen, maintaining dual citizenship. Returning to Iraq, Skooti was confident he could to drive change in his native country, despite the constraints of a dictatorship. The war in Iraq ensued, and a different kind of challenge developed—facilitating the reconstruction of Iraq with countries that had little understanding of the culture, the traditions, the barriers, or the reality of life in this war-torn country.

Today Markez leads the way with its deep knowledge of the Iraqi people and way of life, and its deep appreciation for the power of American investment, business, and support. Markez coordinated the USA pavilion at the 38th, 39th and 40th Baghdad International Trade Fairs. Markez specializes in helping organizations understand the local culture and develop effective strategies to accelerate communication and collaboration while avoiding cross-cultural misunderstandings.

We are FutureBuilders.